Lesson Delivery Support

This range of resources provide support for lesson delivery, for example lesson plans.

  • Harmless: on this website there are some downloadable information flyers and workbooks that can be purchased.
  • NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde: The On-Edge Learning about self-harm resource pack provides 4 lesson plans, presentation material and video resources. See them here.
  • BBC Teach: This webpage provides a useful video on India's story of self-harm and teacher notes for KS3 and KS4.


This range of websites provide further advice for teachers on self-harm.

  • Turning the Tide: This practical guidance and toolkit on managing self-harm was produced for schools in Cornwall, but it brings together a variety of information on self-harm including the signs, assessing risk and signposting to more advice. Take a look below.
  • NHS: This resource provides a wide range of support including explaining more about self-harm, providing information sheets for young people, parents and carers, and additional resources on self-harm.
  • Anna Freud Centre: Here this webpage provides a range of information on identifying the signs, risky behaviour, and top tips.
  • University of Oxford: In 2018 this resource was created for school staff. It provides more information about self-harm, which young people are more vulnerable to self-harm, why young people self-harm and more. Take a look here.
  • Norfolk County Council: This document provides advice on creating a self-harm policy. Visit here.