Healthy Schools Award

What is the Healthy Schools Award?

* The Healthy Schools Team have been working on a new award for Leicestershire schools over the past 18 months, and we hoped to be able to launch this in September 2024.

Unfortunately, due to some upcoming changes in the Healthy Schools team, which will mean a reduction in capacity and a need to pause the launch of the new award, while we address the changes.

We still have a few training opportunities available, and also a recently developed 'resource hub' which we are continuing to update.

We will keep you updated with any more news*

Public Health have developed a Healthy Schools award that uses a Whole School Approach to define a comprehensive set of criteria for schools to review, monitor and improve their health and wellbeing offer.

The award is designed to provide schools with external verification that showcases their commitment to supporting the health and wellbeing needs of the school community.

A key part of the Whole School Approach, and central to achieving the Healthy Schools award, is the active participation of the schools Senior Leadership Team (SLT). The SLT are responsible for ensuring the whole school is committed to all seven themes within the accreditation scheme and will provide strategic oversight for targeted interventions in school.