Resources for Parents & Carers

Eating Habits/Disorders


This range of websites provide further advice for parents on eating habits/disorders.

BEAT: The UK's eating disorder charity who provide additional information and support around eating disorders. In addition they also offer a helpline and one-to-one web chat service.

Mind: On this website Mind offer more information on eating problems, types of eating disorders, causes of eating problems, recovery & self-care and treatment and support.

The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) (USA): On their website, various toolkits, including for parents and educators, are provided giving advice for various supporters of children and young people suffering with eating disorders.

Parents Guide on how to support a young person with an eating disorder, what signs to look out for and what conversations to have with a young person.

NHS provide information and guidance on how to support a young person with an eating disorder.