Resources for Parents & Carers


Picture of children smiling on playground


This range of websites provide further advice for parents and carers on Anti-Bullying.

  • Kidscape: Advice for parents/carers, young people and teachers including top tips, and there is also bullying awareness training for staff available.
  • Beyond Bulling: have specific resources which have been collated with parents in mind. There is also guidance on the website to help you deal with if your son/daughter is being bullied, as well as if your son/daughter is a bully.
  • The Anti-Bullying Alliance: shared a toolkit created for Anti-Bullying week 2021 which is aimed at parents and carers. There is information about the advice parents/carers can give their children and how they can work with the school to resolve a bullying situation. More information can be found on the website here, and you can also find the toolkit below.