Westfield Junior School Complete Healthy Schools Award

Westfield Junior School Complete Healthy Schools Award

Posted: Sat, 5 Nov 2022 11:00

Westfield Junior School Complete Healthy Schools Award

A huge congratulations to Westfield Junior School for completing our Healthy Schools Award and being awarded Healthy Schools status for 2022-2024.

Westfield Junior are the first school to be awarded since the re-launch of our programme in September 2021.

The Healthy Schools programme supports schools to improve and maintain the health and wellbeing of their school and wider communities by promoting good physical, social, emotional, and mental health.

With a 'whole school approach' at its heart, Healthy Schools is designed to help schools support pupils to do their best and build on their potential. It equips pupils, staff, and families with the skills they need to make informed decisions about their health, in turn, changing attitudes towards lifestyle choices.

Westfield Junior School are committed to taking a number of actions, but would like to share a few achievements that they are most proud of:

  1. At Westfield Junior School, we believe that it is important to set the right atmosphere, creating a safe environment and ensuring that all children understand the boundaries and rules in PSHE and Relationship education lessons. We like to remind children to respect others views and questions and also ensure that the correct terminology is used in lessons which is why relevant key words are displayed at the start of the lesson.
  2. Westfield Junior School identifies vulnerable pupils or pupils that are facing challenging circumstances with information and support made available for these pupils. Staff inform the DSL's using CPOMs and appropriate intervention is used to support the child.
  3. Senior leaders will clearly communicate their vision for good mental health and wellbeing with the whole school community. The school's Behavioural Policy includes measures to prevent and tackle bullying, and contains an individualised, graduated response when behaviour may be the result of mental health needs or other vulnerabilities. The SLT ensures that there are clear policies and processes in place to reduce stigma and make pupils feel comfortable enough to discuss mental health concerns. Pupils know where to go for further information and support should they wish to talk about their mental health needs or concerns over a peer's or family member's mental health or wellbeing.
  4. We actively promote and use a range of different local sports provisions in PE lessons and after school clubs, for example, the local tennis club, local swimming coaches, cheerleading club, sports coaches, Football and Fitness coaches. These are organised by our PE coordinator and also from staff members and parents who have links with these provisions outside of school. We also celebrate the children's sports achievements outside of school in our celebration assembly on a Friday.

A big well done to Westfield Junior School for all your hard work to support and improve the health and wellbeing of your children and young people!

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