Resources for Teaching Staff

Healthy Eating

Classroom Resources

  • Classroom cooking toolkit: offers creative ideas to help teach children about a healthy and balanced diet using the eat well guide.
  • Food growing resources: some great resources that can be downloaded for pupils aged 5-11 around issues of food and sustainability and resources around growth for British science week.
  • Food miles calculator: a good resource to use in classroom on the whiteboard to get children to start thinking about how far food has travelled before it reaches the consumer and the environmental impact.
  • Food a fact of life: A range of free teaching resources to use for children and young people aged 3-16yrs to highlight where food comes from, cooking and healthy eating.
  • Food a fact of life: Great resources to support teaching and learning about food and nutrition for children with additional needs.
  • Eat Well Guide: a visual resource that can be used to explain a balanced diet and how much you should eat overall from each food group see below.


Guidance Documents