Anti-Racist Practice Resources for Primary School Staff

Leicestershire Anti-Racist Audit Tool

Following a pilot with a number of Leicestershire primary schools, Leicestershire County Council have produced an anti-racist audit tool for primary schools to use in order to identify where they might have existing good practice and/or gaps in how they can work to become an anti-racist school.

Schools have a significant role in ensuring that race equality is part of the education and development of children and young people. Further, in line with the Public Sector Equality Duty, they must ensure that children are being taught in an environment that is promoting their well-being and recognising and valuing their identities.

Why do we need an anti-racist approach within education?
Schools can change pupils' lives which is why it is important that all schools have an inclusive and supportive approach.
Education is a crucial place where we can challenge the 'normalisation' of many forms of racism, including Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism.
Training and other interventions will not be effective unless there is a culture of open discussions about race and racism, where staff and young people are acknowledged as key to developing solutions.

Leicestershire's anti-racist audit tool was developed and piloted with primary schools during 2021-2022 to support schools in improving their anti-racist practice.

Schools found the audit tool helpful to identify areas of good practice along with areas for development and discussion.

Schools are encouraged to use the audit tool to support them in getting started.

When you have started to use the audit tool to develop your work in this area, please contact the Education Effectiveness Team to be added to our anti-racist schools network. Through network meetings, schools will have the opportunity to share best practice. We will work together to support each other in the ongoing development of this work.

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