Relationships, Sex & Health Education

Local Support

Brook has been commissioned by Leicestershire County Council to deliver a tiered RSHE support programme for primary and secondary schools in Leicestershire. This localised, tailored and free support programme aims to enhance delivery of statutory RSHE, in line with DfE guidance and will equip Leicestershire's teachers and school staff, across primary and secondary schools, to implement a whole school approach, give individuals the skills/confidence to deliver an RSHE programme that is fit for purpose.

Complete this online needs assessment to help us understand the specific concerns and challenges faced by Leicestershire schools in the implementation a whole school approach to delivering quality RSHE. The short assessment will take 10 minutes to complete and can be completed on a school or individual teacher basis.

Please click here to complete the needs assessment.

Teacher Guidance

  • Ofsted review of sexual abuse in schools and colleges.

This report summarises Ofsteds findings and recommendations.

  • Train teachers on relationships, sex and health education

Training modules for subject leads or other staff members to train groups of teachers in a variety of ways.

Each module contains:

  • key knowledge and facts to help teach the statutory guidance
  • activities and templates to help run a training session
  • guidance to help teachers tackle difficult questions

The training modules have been split into different topics within the curriculum.

  • Pupils with SEND

In special schools and for some pupils with special educational needs or disability (SEND) in mainstream schools, you may need to tailor content and teaching to meet the specific needs of pupils at different developmental stages.

  • Roadmap to statutory RSE

Relationships and sex education is required in all schools. Do you know what the new legislation means for your school?

To help school leaders prepare, the poster provides a 10 steps guide to provide high quality RSE as an identifiable part of PSHE education. These steps are based on established good practice and evidence.

These 10 steps provide a guide to support school leaders to provide high quality RSE as an identifiable part of PSHE education. These steps are based on established good practice and evidence.

Lesson Plan/Resources

As children get older they begin to develop stronger and more independent relationships. They may start to realise that some relationships and situations can have an impact on the way they feel.

Keep parents informed about the work you're doing to promote healthy relationships. This means they can reinforce positive messages at home.

Explore a collection of resources on healthy relationships and training on responding to peer-on-peer abuse in schools.

In the six short videos in this collection children are introduced to a wide range of family structures, each demonstrating the same love and care for each other.

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