Wellbeing for Education Recovery

Wellbeing for Education Recovery

We know the pandemic is impacting on children and young people's mental health and wellbeing, and that it will continue have an impact in the longer-term. Mental health and wellbeing remains a priority, and we recognise the need to support leaders and education staff to consider their pupils' and students' mental health and wellbeing, look after their own and each other's wellbeing and to identify those who may need additional support.

Using resource provided by the Department for Education, the Leicestershire Healthy Schools programme can continue and expand its delivery of the Wellbeing for Education Return from 2020/21 as it transitions into the new Wellbeing for Education RECOVERY 2021/22 programme.

For the new Wellbeing for Education Recovery programme during 2021/22, there are two distinct programme offers:

1. Leicestershire Educational Psychology Service - Coaching Sessions across six themes for all schools in Leicestershire & Rutland.

2. Wellbeing for Education Recovery for Secondary Schools, presented by Adam Billson (TBC)

Leicestershire Educational Psychology Service Programme

This programme is available to all Leicestershire and Rutland Schools.

Listening to feedback from last year's Wellbeing for Education Return programme, the Leicestershire Educational Psychology Service (LEPS) have designed a brand new dynamic and interactive approach to supporting schools via a series of coaching session across 6 themes.

A total of six sessions (one per term) last up to 60 minutes each will be delivered by one of the Educational Psychologists from LEPS and will provide an opportunity to;

  • Explore the lived experiences of school staff through group coaching
  • Use a psychological lens to unpick and reflect on pertinent issues affecting your school at this time
  • Consider next steps for schools collaboratively

The 6 psychological themes underpinning each of the coaching sessions are:

  • Exploring the loss and impact of COVID-19
  • Exploring the presentation and impact of anxiety
  • Understanding self-harm in children and young people
  • Nurturing resilience and motivation within school
  • Closing the gap for vulnerable children and young people
  • Looking back to look forward --> using a psychological focus of reflection and action planning

To book your place on the LEPS Wellbeing for Education Recovery programme, please complete the booking form below.

Schools can send any member of staff who feel this approach would be beneficial to their professional practice in school – ideally this member of staff should disseminate their learning / reflections with other colleagues who cannot attend.

Scheduled dates for the six sessions are 3 till 4pm on:

  • Wednesday 13th October 2021
  • Wednesday 1st December 2021
  • Wednesday 9th February 2022
  • Wednesday 30th March 2022
  • Wednesday 25th May 2022
  • Wednesday 29th June 2022

LEPS Wellbeing for Education Recovery Booking Form

Please note: if more than one person is attending from the school, a separate booking form must be completed.

Please only book if you are committed to attending all 6 sessions.

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Wellbeing for Education Recovery for Secondary Schools, presented by Adam Billson (TBC)

Further details to be added very soon.


You will find a range of resources that have been produced to support the physical and mental wellbeing of Children & Young People, School Staff and Parents & Carers.

These resources are also available to support the Wellbeing for Education Return Programme

Children and Young People

Please see information and guidance for all CYP on how to stay safe, services available to them and general support for maintaining positive health and wellbeing

Teachers, Parents and Carers

Mental Wellbeing

Suicide Prevention

Staff Wellbeing

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