CANCELLED - Flourish Training for Primary & Secondary Schools

CANCELLED - Flourish Training for Primary & Secondary Schools

**Due to the current unprecedented situation with COVID-19, Leicestershire County Council's advice is stated below:

Any events involving the general public or large groups of staff, should be cancelled until further notice. As such, all Leicestershire Healthy Schools Programme's training sessions are now cancelled until the end of June 2020. We will update this page when further advice becomes available.

CANCELLED - Flourish Training for Primary & Secondary Schools

Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2020, 10:00 - 15:00

Venue: Beaumanor Hall, Woodhouse

How to flourish and promote mental health and wellbeing for the whole school community.

This practical one day course covers hot topics known to help you and those around you flourish. The course covers three key topics that you have told us are important

Stress and coping with stress: There are many stressors in life today. We give you practical tips to cope with stress in yourself and other people you come into contact with.

Sleep: We cover why sleep is important and what you can do to promote good sleep.

Active listening: Listening is the most fundamental component of interpersonal communication skills. We will explain what active listening is and you can practice developing this skill.

We will support you to plan how to put what you learn into practice.

Course Aim

The aim of this course is to help you flourish in school and be able to support staff, students and pupils to flourish too, focussing on 3 core areas; sleep, coping with stress and active listening.

Learning outcomes

  • Improve your knowledge in relation to sleep, coping with stress and active listening
  • Understand practical ways to help yourselves and others to sleep better, cope with stress and listen effectively
  • Plan how you are going to apply and share what you have learned