Statutory Health Education

Statutory Health Education

The government have announced that ALL schools will have to teach Relationships &Sex Education (secondary) Relationships Education (primary) and health education from September 2020.

Included in what will have to be delivered:

  • features of healthy friendships, family relationships and other relationships
  • how relationships can affect physical and mental health
  • staying safe online
  • how to use technology safely, responsibly and respectfully
  • how to keep personal information private
  • healthy eating
  • keeping fit
  • prevention of health problems
  • recognition of mental health and ways to support good mental health
  • consent
  • development of qualities such as confidence, resilience, self-respect
  • wider social and economic issues

This is PSHE (But the government's altered terminology calling it 'health education' may cause confusion for some schools).

However, it is a great opportunity for schools to really develop a culture of wellbeing, positive attitudes towards health and safeguarding.

Materials to support schools will be out by September 2019 and schools will have to deliver this by September 2020.

The DfE have just published the Final Statutory Guidance on Physical Health & Mental Wellbeing ( Primary & Secondary Schools)

There will be a statutory requirement for all schools to teach children & Young people about Physical Health & Mental Wellbeing from September 2020 .

It is expected that many schools will be early adopters and will start to deliver this curriculum from September 2019.