New online form for Health and wellbeing contact to start from Sept 2018

New online form for Health and wellbeing contact to start from Sept 2018

Posted: Mon, 10 Sep 2018 08:41

New online form for Health and wellbeing contact to start from Sept 2018

Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust's 'Healthy Together' public health (school) nursing teams have been commissioned by Leicestershire County Council's Public Health team to offer Leicestershire secondary schools a new electronic health and wellbeing contact (via an online form) at year 7,9 or 11.

The detail of what is included within this form has already been communicated to schools both electronically and in person by public health (school) nurses.

In summary, this form offers an opportunity for young people to receive a personalised health and wellbeing plan based on their responses to a number of questions. At the end of the plan, young people are signposted to relevant sources of support. Certain questions are designed to provide an automatic 'flag' to the public health (school) nurse to carry out a face-to-face assessment, for example where a young person identifies that they are self -harming or taking drugs. A pilot of the new health and wellbeing form was completed across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland during the last academic year. Four schools took part in the pilot, which involved approximately 1,100 pupils across the range of year groups. Each school was then provided with a thematic report on their pupil cohort, which supports the identification of their public health priorities.

The results of the pilot have been considered both by Healthy Together and by our public health commissioners, and have informed the proposed offer for the next academic year.

The proposed offer is that schools complete the health and wellbeing form with a single year group. An offer to year 9 pupils supports the greatest opportunity for early intervention, but the electronic form can equally be offered to either year 7 or year 11 pupils if you have a particular identified need within your school.

Your public health (school) nurse will be in touch to discuss this offer with you, and to schedule the completion of the electronic form within school.

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