Relationship 'Enquiry' Workshop for Education (Schools)

Relationship 'Enquiry' Workshop for Education (Schools)

Relationship 'Enquiry' Workshop for Education (Schools)

Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2022, 09:30 - 11:30

Venue: Online

Target Audience: Headteachers/Principals, Teachers, Pastoral/Family support workers, ELSAs and any person liaising directly with families. This list is by no means exhaustive.

This co-production session is intended to explore with the sector what the workforce development needs may be to enable increased focus on the quality of couple relationships. Recognising that different organisations will have a different remit and opportunity to develop their approach to parental conflict we are seeking your insight to ensure what we produce is relevant to your sector. Co-production is paramount!

Enquiry Session Structure

The evidence is unequivocal the quality of the parental couple relationship is a major influence on outcomes for children and families (EIF). This has resulted in an increased imperative for an approach to working with parents and families that is focused on parent and family relationships. But what does this mean and what would this look like in Leicestershire?

The overall aim of the work that we are carrying out is to better understand what practitioners and families need to strengthen family relationships. This is so we can develop improved, processes, pathways, systems, training and resources in the future that are useful and relevant to practitioners and therefore for families. This will be achieved through the following enquiry aims.


  1. To explore and influence the vision for relational working in the context of service delivery and improving outcomes for children.
  2. To understand the reasons for embedding this approach in practice
  3. To identify and explore the challenges that are present for practitioners in using a relational approach.
  4. To identify and explore what training and resources practitioners would need in order to work in this way going forward and strengthen family relationships.

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