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  Teenage Pregnancy Data

Why is data important?

Detailed, accurate and up to date data and information are essential for determining need and to inform the planning, commissioning and delivery of interventions. A local monitoring dataset is used to measure the delivery of Leicestershire's Teenage Pregnancy Strategy. This dataset has the advantage of providing a means to capture current activity and efforts to address teenage pregnancy - the impact of which may not yet be reflected in local under 18 conception trends.

How can the data toolkit be used?

It was felt that an overview of key data would be beneficial to practitioners to aid their understanding of local trends, the impact of current delivery and to inform local targeting. The toolkits include a number of data sets which aim to provide some insight into teenage pregnancy in localities.

We are keen to hear how useful you have found the toolkits, if there are gaps in information or any other feedback you feel may improve them.

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How we communicate is rapidly changing but there is still value in producing resources to promote services and key messages.

Below is information on a sample of resources available for young people, parents under 20, practitioners and parents of teenagers. The aim of the resources is to; promote services, share positive messages; prompt discussion, offer tips/advice. 

Below you will find additional information, and resources  offer;

Professional Pathway Discussing relationships and sex
Confidentiality Delaying Early Sex
Contraception and sexual health services Support for Young Parents


 Professional Pathways
Leicestershire County and Leicester City Teenage Pregnancy Partnerships have refreshed their Professional Pathway to offer additional help and support to practitioners who work with young people.
The pathway helps professionals to direct young people to the services they may wish to access if a young person believes they or their partner may be pregnant.
The pathway is a simple, easy-to-use visual flow-chart that enables practitioners to support young people to access support services at various stages.

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 Discussing relationships and sex

The aim of ‘What’s OK’ is to help young people think about what IS OK and what is NOT OK in their relationships.

At face value, people might think these are OK things to do in a relationship; but as the video shows, whether or not these behaviours are OK might depend on the circumstances or what an individual deems as OK.

We know from talking to young people that ‘emotional abuse’ is quite common in teenage relationships. It is not widely understood that the term ‘Domestic Abuse’ now incorporates emotional abuse.

Emotional abuse might start as one person ignoring another’s feelings or expecting you to do things you don’t want to but can quickly become more sinister and controlling.

 We want young people to be happy, safe and empowered in their relationships and this session is all about that!


The film depicts a number of common situations:

  • Taking and sharing a topless picture
  • Public displays of affection
  • Filming people without their consent
  • Being sent constant messages from your boyfriend/girlfriend


The lesson plan is supported by the ‘What’s OK’ video and the learning outcomes are;

  • To enable young people to consider what behaviour is ‘OK’ and ‘not OK’ in relationships and consider how this might change depending on circumstances
  • To enable young people to understand that in relationships, everyone is different, with their own individual opinions on how relationships work. This means that what is right for you might not be right for everyone
  • To give young people the confidence to talk honestly with their partner, friends, or family about what they think is OK and not OK to ensure that their relationships feel right and healthy
  • To give young people information about where to go for help if they are worried about their relationships


Many parents and carers find it difficult to speak to their sons and daughters about issues such as growing up, puberty, relationships and sexual health.
Research shows that the earlier parent and carers talk to their children about relationships and sexual health, the more likely the young people are to delay first sexual activity. Young people have also said that their mum and dad would be their preferred source of information on a whole range of issues including relationships and sexual health.

Useful and informative websites for parents:

  • It's Time to Talk (PDF)
    (This leaflet aims to make those discussions a bit easier by offering tips on how to start conversations)
  • O2 Guide to help adults understand what kids really do on their mobiles and the internet. (Website)
    Family Lives (Website)

Health for Teens - introduces a new and different way for young people aged 11-16 to learn about their health.

The website www.healthforteens.co.uk) is brought to you by Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust. All the content has been produced by school nursing and a whole range of other health experts, often re-written from other trusted NHS information such as NHS Choices. The website is primarily a health promotion website, covering subjects that promote a healthy body and mind. It is not about managing serious illnesses for which more specialist websites already exist but we’ve signposted you to them where that’s applicable. Your school nursing service is always there to support you to stay happy and healthy.

You can text your school nurse through the ChatHealth messaging service which runs Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm. If you go to school in Leicester City please text 07520 615386, if you go to school in Leicestershire County or Rutland then please text 07520 615387.

Please note that this site will not give out any medical diagnosis. If you require 1-1 support or advice contact your school nurse, GP or call 111. Or in case of an emergency call 999. 

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For young people confidentiality is critical – local research has confirmed that assurances of confidentiality encourage young people to access services which promote their safety and well being and which encourage them to develop safe and responsible relationships.
We have developed a local confidentiality poster to ensure a consistent message is promoted across a range of services.

Confidentiality Poster (PDF)


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 Contraception and Sexual health Services

SMART GIRLS - Campaign encouraging girls to carry condoms This is a safer sex campaign from Leicester City and Leicestershire County Teenage Pregnancy Partnerships aiming to challenge stereotypes and change attitudes about condom use.
Results showed that the campaign led a to a 47% increase in students who think it’s positive for girls to carry condoms. ‘Smart Girls Carry Condoms’ was developed in response to research that showed many young women were worried about being judged and seen as promiscuous if they were seen to be carrying condoms.
The campaign challenged this by showing that sexually active young women who carry condoms are confident, mature and responsible, and they should encourage their friends to do the same.
There is a video that can be used as a resource and discussion point with young people.

 Smart Girls Video (YouTube)




Sexual Health Services (SSOTP)

All your sexual health needs are now met in one visit and a broader choice of appointments at a time convenient to you will be available.
A Genito-Urinary Medicine (sexual health) service will no longer be delivered from the Leicester Royal Infirmary or Loughborough Hospital but will be available at St Peter’s Health Centre, Leicester and Loughborough Health Centre, Pinfold Gate, Loughborough (the old walk-in centre). For a full list of venues and opening times please visit leicestersexualhealth.nhs.uk or call 0300 124 0102 or 0800 318 908

Twitter: @LLRSexualHealth

Website: www.leicestersexualhealth.nhs.uk/professionals





Choices Posters

Professional Helpline
0300 124 0102 or 0800 318 908 (option 4)
This number is accessible to all healthcare professionals who wish to discuss any sexual health queries:
Monday to Friday between 9am - 7:30pm and Saturday between 9am - 1:30pm
This number should not be used by patients


LARC (Long acting reversible contraceptive) methods are widely acknowledged as being extremely effective in reducing unplanned pregnancies, and have a much lower fail rate than other methods of contraception such as the pill and the condom.
Research published in the American Journal of Public Health in 2006 found that 86% of the decline in US teenage pregnancy rates between 1995 and 2002 could be attributed to improved contraceptive use.
LARC methods provide better effective contraceptive protection for young persons. The LARC implant lasts three years and has a failure rate of less than one in 1,000 over three years.

LARC Poster (PDF)

LARC Toolkit (PDF)

What's right For Me(You Tube)




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Support for Young Parents and Parents-to-be  (updated May 2016)
Young Parent Support Directory is for parents under 20. It gives details of services in Leicestershire that offer advice and information on those things that all new parents think about. It covers areas such as; Confidentiality, Pregnancy Support & Information, Support for Young Families, Benefits, Money & Housing, Emotional & Practical Support, Childcare, Learning, Work & Training, Relationships, Domestic Abuse & Sexual Health, Drugs, alcohol and smoking, and other useful websites

Young Parent Support Booklet (Web Link)

The parents under 20 website (www.parentsunder20.co.uk) has been designed to provide up to date support and information to young parents (to-be), their families and support workers.


Each locality page contains information relevant to the support available in a local area. It is important that we make every effort to keep the website current and accurate.


 If you see anything that is inaccurate on the website, or if you would like to add the details of new provision or a new service, please get in touch with us as soon as possible on changes@parentsunder20.co.uk or use one of the links on the website to email your changes through.

The website has been designed to represent the positive Teenage Pregnancy partnership across the county and support from partners in keeping it up to date is vital

Teenage parents writings and letters to themselves

Dear Me

A project, which is called “Letters to My Pregnant Self” was run by Leicestershire and Leicester City Teenage Pregnancy Partnerships, and invited anyone who was a young parent to get involved.
The end result was an exciting and informative book made up entirely of letters that will provide inspiration to young parents across Leicestershire.


The Good, The Bad, The Unforgettable

An inspirational new book telling the real life stories of teenage mums and dads in the 21st century.. 'The Good, the Bad and the Unforgettable' is a unique collection of 25 poignant and personal experiences penned by young parents themselves.
Thought to be the only one of its kind in the country, the 76-page book reflects the reality of being a young parent and is designed to provide support and bust commonly-held myths.




Breastfeeding on the go in Leicestershire

We all know that breastfeeding is the best way to ensure our children grow up healthy but that it can be difficult sometimes when out and about with a baby. You need to know where you can go and where you will be welcome and supported to breastfeed.
This handy booklet was designed to provide you with this information and to support you in successfully breast feeding
for longer.

Recreated by Leicestershire’s Teenage Pregnancy Team with kind permission from De Montfort University’s Breastfeeding baby on the go team (contact details below); this booklet
contains tips for successful breastfeeding, information about local and national breastfeeding support networks and a list of local shops and businesses, which provide useful facilities
for mothers.
We do hope you find the information included in this booklet useful and would welcome any  comments you would like to make. We wish you every success in breastfeeding your baby on the go

Becoming Dad

We're really excited to launch our new film "Becoming Dad" Created by Leicestershire's Teenage Pregnancy Partnership, the project was prompted by a conversation with a young dad in Market Harborough, who felt there needed to be more support and information aimed at young dads and young dads-to-be.

We asked dads to share their experiences of the ante-natal period. They told us that;

  • Care was inconsistent
  • Practitioner’s responses to parents varied depending on whether it was one or both parents at appointments
  • Information was given and aimed at Mums not Dads
  • There was a plea for specific information, advice and courses/parenting units for Dads
  • Practical advice was wanted from how to tell your parents you are going to be a Dad, to bedtime routines and weaning

They told us they wanted better access to advice and support as well as practical tips.

We hope that "Becoming Dad" will be the first of a short series of films covering pregnancy, the birth and beyond

To find out what resources are available for professions please visit please visit www.becomingdad.co.uk or Tweet @dadsleics

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To request for any of the above resources please email phbookings@leics.gov.uk





This section is aimed at giving parents more information around the healthy schools issues.

Find out more about Parents Information



In this section you will find example school policies, useful templates and copies of key national guidance.

Find out more about resources


Training and Events

Training courses cover topics including PSHE Education, policy development and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Find out more about training & events


Self validation

In autumn 2006 the process of self validation was introduced to minimise bureaucracy.

Find out for more about Self Validation

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