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Enhancement Benefits

Benefits to becoming part of the Enhancement Model

Benefits to becoming part of the Enhancement Model

There will be many benefits to schools by being part of the Enhancement Model including:

  • Improved health and well-being outcomes for children and young people
  • Information about a school’s impact on health & well-being for the Ofsted self-evaluation form (SEF)
  • A way of addressing the expectations of pupil entitlement relating to health and well-being as outlined in the pupil guarantee
  • A mechanism to address needs identified through the Ofsted well-being indicators



This section is aimed at giving parents more information around the healthy schools issues.

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In this section you will find example school policies, useful templates and copies of key national guidance.

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Training and Events

Training courses cover topics including PSHE Education, policy development and promoting healthy lifestyles.

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Self validation

In autumn 2006 the process of self validation was introduced to minimise bureaucracy.

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