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In Leicestershire, 98% of our schools have achieved Healthy School Status.

The Government continues to recognise the importance of schools as health promoting environments.
Locally we continue to provide support and recognition for schools working to enhance the health and wellbeing of children and young people.

Download a copy of the Leicestershire Healthy Schools Toolkit.

Download the Leicestershire Healthy Schools process for schools.

Schools that have already achieved status have two tools to use to record their Healthy Schools work.

Renewing Healthy Schools Status
Schools are asked to renew their Healthy School status biennially (every two years) by completing the Leicestershire Healthy Schools Programme Whole School Review (WSR). 

This is a ‘checklist’ to enable a school to ensure the foundation of health and wellbeing is still in place for your school. Completed WSR and chosen health and wellbeing priorities need to be e-mailed to healthyschools@leics.gov.uk. Once you have received confirmation of renewed Healthy Schools Status after WSR is reviewed by the Leicestershire Quality Assurance Group you can begin to work towards Enhancement.


Healthy Schools Enhancement
The Healthy Schools Planning Template is used to record your progress on enhancing your Healthy Schools work, with a simplified 'Plan, Do, Review' format. The following steps to Enhancement are:

• Establish a group to lead health and wellbeing improvement
• Select your school’s current health and wellbeing priority/ies based on data about children and young people’s needs; download copies of district & school health profiles 
• Define the outcomes you plan to achieve, and identify milestones along the way; download a copy of a blank healthy schools planning template
• Identify activities/interventions. Download examples of interventions & activities
• Download completed example planning templates and send a copy of your completed action plan to healthyschools@leics.gov.uk. After confirmation begin to work towards priorities and outcomes.

• Select and implement activities/interventions that will help achieve your outcomes;
• Identify your baseline (starting point), download examples of surveys
• Monitor progress towards your milestones and outcomes; and
• Make any necessary adjustments to milestones and outcomes

• Evaluate your achievement of outcomes; carry out a post intervention survey to demonstrate the impact
• Review, share and celebrate your improvements in children and young people’s health and wellbeing; download a blank school story template
• Download examples of completed school stories
• Send a copy of your completed school story to healthyschools@leics.gov.uk
• Review your school’s provision for health and wellbeing


Leicestershire support to Leicestershire Healthy schools regarding your Healthy Schools work is provided through:
o Training days,
o Leicestershire HS website,
o Facebook,
o Twitter,
o Termly newsletters,
o School Comms through EIS,
o School visits,
o E-mail,
o Telephone
o Locality Healthy schools network meetings.

Currently over 190 schools have re-accredited their healthy school status using the above process, with nearly 100 schools having completed their work on enhancement and receiving 'enhanced status.' Many more are currently working towards enhanced status.



This section is aimed at giving parents more information around the healthy schools issues.

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In this section you will find example school policies, useful templates and copies of key national guidance.

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Training and Events

Training courses cover topics including PSHE Education, policy development and promoting healthy lifestyles.

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Self validation

In autumn 2006 the process of self validation was introduced to minimise bureaucracy.

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