Leicestershire healthy schools



A number of young people from schools, youth groups & the Youth Offending Service in Leicestershire have taken part in the Cut films competition this year. Cut films is one of the UK’s leading campaigns to stop young people from ever smoking. It is a simple peer to peer approach which puts the power into young people’s hands. Young people have made a 2 minute film/advert to convince their friends never to smoke – using their creativity to uncover the truth about smoking.

We just wanted to let you know that all the films are now uploaded and voting has started, so we now need to get people voting for their favourite Leicestershire films!

How to find the films:

Here is a link to all the films in the competition from Leicestershire: Cut Films Leicestershire

If you are directing people to the films without the link above then these are the steps to follow:

1. Google 'Cutfilms' or visit  www.cutfilms.org

2. Find and click 'Watch films' which is near the bottom of a long list on the left hand side on the Cut Films website.

3. Find and click 'Leicestershire Cut Films 2012/2013'

4. Look for the film you would like to vote for, Leicestershire has a total of 33 films and they are in groups of 15 so if you can't see the film you are looking for then click the numbers on the bottom left under the group of films to see the rest of the films from Leicestershire.

How to vote for your favourite film:

1. When you click on a film you will notice that under each film on the left you will see a white arrow in a green box, you click this box to vote for the film. (If only it was that simple!)

2. In order for your vote to be registered you then need to sign into one of your email or social media accounts such as Google, Yahoo or Facebook.

3. If you do not have any of the above accounts then when you click the arrow to vote you will then need to register with Cut Films which basically requires a name, email address and password.

Please support young people in Leicestershire & Rutland by voting for your favourite film(s)! Voting closes on the 6 May

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