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Useful resources and links to support RSE/SRE work

Useful resources and links to support RSE/SRE work

Leicestershire Healthy Schools ( Public Health) have commissioned and funded the Sex Education Forum to help and support schools to update their RSE/ SRE policies through the use of an interactive tool that is being developed. In the meantime, these resources might be useful in your RSE/SRE work.


· SRE for the 21st Century: Supplementary Advice – February 2014 – produced by Brook, the PSHE Association and Sex Education Forum
Look out for the 10 practical questions that are answered including questions relating to pornography, sexting, sexual exploitation and inclusive SRE.


· Department of Health Framework for Sexual Health Improvement – 2013
Clearly states that DH has an ambition that every child and young person receives high quality SRE and cites the evidence that this is beneficial for public health


· Sex Educational Supplement E-magazine – free sample (pornography issue) and links to the ‘consent issue’. Each issue of the magazine takes a theme and provides lesson ideas for Key Stages 1-5.


· Advice on choosing and using resources including resource lists (updates to follow soon!)


· Network+ membership of the Sex Education Forum
As a network+ member you will receive the termly magazine – next issue on LGBT issues in SRE. Leicestershire schools (because of Public Health/ Healthy Schools funding) are entitled to a 20% discount bringing down the cost of an annual membership to £36 including VAT (full price £45).


· Curriculum design tool – suggested questions to explore for each age and stage from age 3-6 years to 16+


· Quality Review Framework for RSE - a range of comprehensive audit tools to enable primary and secondary schools to review and improve their RSE provision.


· Laying the Foundations – complete SRE programme for primary schools – see free samples to get a feel for it


· How to Email your MP if you want to see SRE become statutory for all schools


SRE/ RSE what parents can withdraw from. -- In maintained schools parents cannot withdraw children from the sex education content in National Curriculum science. They can withdraw from any other aspect of SRE taught outside of NC science. In academies and free schools it is up to the school how they handle the issue of parental withdrawal and whether or not they chose to follow the National Curriculum.



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