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Road Safety Week 2016

Road Safety Week 2016

Are you getting involved in Road Safety Week 2016? Running from 21-27 November, it’s a great opportunity to reinforce road safety messages with children and young people, and their parents and carers. You can sign up for your free Road Safety Week action pack here.

Brake, the charity that co-ordinates the week, is asking everyone to sign their pledge. Visit the Road Safety Week website to see how everyone can help the roads be safer by being:
• Slow – driving slower helps avoid crashes
• Sober – alcohol, drugs and driving don’t mix
• Secure – belting up everyone in the vehicle
• Silent – not taking calls or texts when driving
• Sharp – drivers getting their eyes tested regularly
• Sustainable – minimising the amount of driving

 What’s the risk?
Fewer children are harmed on the roads than in previous generations. But still, on average, one child dies and 170 are seriously injured every week in the UK. And, as we showed during Child Safety Week, the risks are changing, with technology proving a distraction for drivers and pedestrians alike.

Two thirds of the children who get injured on the roads are pedestrians. But driving children about more is not the answer. Children need to lead active lives to be healthy.

Parents and carers have a crucial role to play, as role models to children while out walking and in helping children practise how to cross roads safely.

Our picture booklet It’s Fun to Go Out offers easy-to-follow advice on crossing roads safely in various situations. It’s a great reminder for busy parents and carers.


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