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Report- 'A curriculum for life': the case for statutory PSHE education

Report- 'A curriculum for life': the case for statutory PSHE education

New calls from pupils and parents for statutory PSHE education are included in a report launched by the PSHE Association which outlines the case for the subject to be a mandatory part of the curriculum. Click to download:

According to new YouGov polling, 90% of parents agree that PSHE education should be taught in all schools. This is the first time parental support for statutory PSHE has reached 90% - a major milestone.

At the same time, young people have again expressed a need for lessons to help them negotiate life’s challenges and opportunities. 967,000 young people voted in this year’s UK Youth Parliament (UKYP) campaign to choose UKYP’s priorities for the year ahead. The results were released on Friday, with a ‘curriculum for life’ and ‘compulsory mental health education’ voted as two of the three most important topics amongst young people.

This latest support further strengthens the case for statutory PSHE, as outlined in the PSHE Associations new report, ‘A curriculum for life: the case for statutory PSHE education’. This report brings together compelling evidence that high-quality PSHE education helps to keep children and young people safe, mentally and physically healthy and prepare them for life and work. The report also highlights support for statutory status from expert bodies, pupils, parents, teachers, business leaders and parliamentarians from across the political spectrum, with data from the Dods public affairs agency suggesting that 73% of members of Parliament support statutory PSHE and only 14% are against.


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