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PSHE Training - Better than ‘good enough’ for Schools

PSHE Training - Better than ‘good enough’ for Schools


  • For Primary Schools - Beaumanor Hall, Woodhouse - Friday 6th March 2015
  • For Secondary Schools – Beaumanor Hall, Woodhouse – Thursday 19th March 2015

All sessions will start at 10am & finish at 4pm – tea/coffee on arrival at 9.45am

Last year’s Ofsted report, Not Yet Good Enough: PSHE education in schools showed that PSHE education needed improving in too many schools. And yet evidence shows that children and young people with higher levels of personal and social development and wellbeing achieve at a higher level and are more engaged in school. Since the publication of the first Leicestershire toolkit, PSHE - Making It Work, schools have been given more flexibility to develop their own PSHE education programmes, whilst the government still expects all schools to teach it, drawing on good practice.

The Leicestershire PSHE education toolkit has been revised and adapted to take these changes into account, providing a toolkit with all the information, guidance and material to enable schools to review the strengths of their existing PSHE programmes and to address the weaknesses, making PSHE education in every school outstanding.

This briefing will focus on the current status of PSHE education, its importance in the curriculum and identify the features of good practice. It will introduce the new toolkit and show how it can be used for improvements in key areas including management, whole curriculum planning and assessment. The briefing will be relevant to school leaders planning ways in which their school can support pupils’ personal and social development, health and wellbeing, as well as to PSHE education co-ordinators.

Led by: Jane Lees, author, PSHE - Making it work: a toolkit for schools, who has also carried out the revision. Jane is an experienced education consultant, who has tracked and contributed to the continuous development of PSHE education in schools. She is an executive member of NSCoPSE - The national association of PSHE advisers, inspectors and consultants. She is also Chair of the Sex Education Forum.

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