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Leicestershire EHWB Guide & Whole School Approach

Leicestershire EHWB Guide & Whole School Approach

There are great benefits of promoting emotional health in schools
• Reduced underachievement and increased academic success
• Improved self-esteem and confidence
• Improved behaviour
• Improved concentration
• Greater curiosity, motivation, self-belief, creativity and decision-making
• Improved social skills for school and adult life

EHWB also addresses related problems such as drug misuse, eating disorders, teenage pregnancies, school refusals and truancy.

The purpose of the Leicestershire EHWB guide is to support schools committed to the emotional health and wellbeing theme of the Healthy School Status.
It provides the following:
• Background information on emotional health issues
• Details of co-ordinated help and advice available to schools to improve the effectiveness of emotional health policy and provision
• Information on training and support from the various Leicestershire agencies involved in the field of emotional health
• Tools to promote good practice in order to develop healthy attitudes and behaviours

It's also important to have a Whole School Approach to EHWB. Click here for an outline.


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