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Implications of the 2015 Ofsted framework for PSHE and article from Janet Palmer HMI

Implications of the 2015 Ofsted framework for PSHE and article from Janet Palmer HMI

The implications of the 2015 Ofsted framework for PSHE

The 2015 Ofsted Common Inspections Framework places a greater emphasis on safeguarding, personal development, behaviour and welfare than the previous framework. It demonstrates a shift in focus within Ofsted, and brings the content covered within schools’ PSHE programmes to the fore. This means that it will be significantly easier for schools to adequately evidence that they are meeting a range of inspection criteria if they have a planned, developmental PSHE programme in place.

This Powerpoint presentation outlines how each judgement relates to PSHE education and the range of support available to schools to prepare their PSHE programme for inspection.


Janet Palmer HMI - The role of PSHE, citizenship education and SMSC in obtaining good outcomes in section 5 inspections from September 2015

Ofsted’s National Lead for PSHE education, Janet Palmer HMI has written an article exploring the relevance and importance of PSHE education, citizenship education and pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development in helping schools obtain good overall outcomes under the Common Inspection Framework for education, skills and early years, that will guide inspection policy and practice from September 2015.

Janet Palmer HMI has picked out and highlighted the guidance which is most relevant to PSHE within the Common Inspection Framework: education skills and early years, The School Inspection Handbook, and Inspecting Safeguarding in Early Years, Education and Skills Settings.

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