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Good Food for All: Policy & Innovation Round-Up

Good Food for All: Policy & Innovation Round-Up


Ofsted drop guidance on school food
In a drive to streamline their guidance documents, Ofsted has published a revised School Inspection Handbook, incorporating the Subsidiary Guidance which previously stood separately. The revised Handbook omits the following text related to school food that was incorporated into the Subsidiary Guidance as a result of Action 9 of the School Food Plan:

Inspectors should consider the food on offer at the school and atmosphere of the school canteen. They should:

  • consider how lunch time and the dining space contribute to good behaviour and the culture in the school, including by spending time in the lunch hall, and
  • ask school leaders how they help to ensure a healthy lifestyle for their children and, specifically, whether their dietary needs have been considered.

This guidance no longer stands. Inspectors will continue to be tasked with observing pupil behaviour throughout the school day, including in the dining room. Find out more about the changes to Ofsted’s guidance documents here.

Beyond the School Gate
A new Scottish-government backed initiative has been launched to promote healthy eating choices for children outside their schools. Beyond the School Gate aims to promote ways to encourage children to stay on school premises at lunchtime and eat a healthy meal, and for shopkeepers near schools to think about how they can offer more healthy choices. Find out more here.



Consultation launched on new Bronze Catering Mark standards
The Soil Association has launched a public consultation on increasing the beneficial health impacts of the Bronze Food for Life Catering Mark standards. Two new standards are proposed: to limit the use of salt and to increase the prominence of healthier drinks. These are two areas identified by Public Health England and leading nutritionists as key to improving public health.

The consultation is open until 12pm on Monday 6 October 2014 and all caterers, the food and drink industry, food policy experts and nutritionists, NGOs and members of the public are encouraged to take part. Full details of the two proposed new standards for consultation are online here. If you would like any further information, please contact Jen Collins at jcollins@soilassociation.org


Unhealthy food taxes do work, study finds
Taxes on high sugar, salt and fat products do cause reductions in consumption, the European Commission has found in a new report. But the report warned that higher taxes may encourage consumers to buy cheaper brands of the taxed products, therefore potentially not lowering their consumption of the ingredient the tax aims to target. Find out more here.

The relationship between obesity and type 2 diabetes
A new report from Public Health England describes the relationship between obesity and type 2 diabetes among adults, looking at how the two conditions are linked and why they present a major public health challenge. The report finds that there is a seven times greater risk of diabetes in obese people compared to those of healthy weight, with a threefold increase in risk for overweight people. Read the report here.

Public Health England launch their marketing strategy for 2014 to 2017
The strategy sets out the role of marketing in health promotion, and outlines how Public Health England will motivate and support millions more people to make and sustain changes that improve their health, including by eating better. The strategy can be read here.


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