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Good Food for All: Policy & Innovation Round-Up

Good Food for All: Policy & Innovation Round-Up


Clarity on UIFSM and Pupil Premium registration
In order to allay concerns that the introduction of UIFSM could make it more difficult to identify pupils who would attract Pupil Premium (and other needs-led) funding, the Department for Education has written to local authorities and head teachers in England with details of a model Pupil Premium registration form. This is intended to support schools in encouraging pupils who would be eligible for free school meals under the existing criteria to continue to register. The department has also worked with the National Association of Head Teachers to draft a model letter that schools can use to write to parents, giving them information about the introduction of UIFSM from September. 

A new pilot to tackle child obesity through schools and communities
The ‘Lighter London’ initiative was launched this month by the Mayor of London in two London boroughs, Lambeth and Croydon, and aims to transform the way we eat. The boroughs will make changes to the way food is served in schools, hospitals, and on the high street. The aim is to show that joined up thinking can improve the academic attainment of pupils in schools and the health of children and adults in the local community. Read the Mayor of London’s press release here and our comment here.

Study maps EU school food policies for the first time
As part of the European Commission's efforts to help reduce childhood obesity, the Commission's in-house science service, the Joint Research Centre, has published the first comprehensive report on school food policies in Europe. The report found that while all the 30 countries studied have guidelines for school food, these vary considerably from country to country. Further information may be found here and the full report here.


Councils call for 'obesity action fund' to be created from tax on fast food, soft drinks and confectionery
The Local Government Association (LGA), which represents almost 400 local authorities in England and Wales, is calling for a fifth of the current VAT on fast food, soft drinks and confectionery to go to councils to tackle obesity. These proposals form part of a new report published by the LGA, 'Investing in our nation's future’, which sets out what the next government needs to do in its first 100 days after the May 2015 General Election to radically devolve power to local areas. Find out more here.

2014 Health Profiles are published
The Health Profiles provide a snapshot of health and wellbeing in every local authority in England. They include information on a range of indicators for local populations such as the proportion of children in poverty, levels of child and adult obesity, hospital stays and early mortality rates. For the first time PHE have shared the profiles with MPs to give them a ready insight into the health of their communities. The profiles can be found here.



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