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Food for Life News, The Digest, January 2016 Edition

Food for Life News, The Digest, January 2016 Edition

From FFLP - 

It’s another exciting year for Food for Life schools as we witness more schools in the county developing a positive food culture. Since Food for Life programme began in Leicestershire in December 2013, we have engaged half the schools in the county, most of these are enrolled and feature on pages 11 and 12 of the January 2016 Digest.

We are very proud of our 35 schools who have achieved Bronze and seven who have achieved Silver. We are looking forward to witnessing more creativity, sharing innovative practice and enthusiasm of food culture, and celebrating your successes at our awards ceremonies.

Commissioned by the Public Health team at Leicestershire County Council, this fourth edition of The Digest is packed full of ideas, tips and step by step approaches to help you meet the awards criteria and achieve your award – all tried and tested by local schools.

This term we also have:

• Grandparent Gardening Week, the Week is back for the second year to kick start spring school gardens into action with the help and support of local Grandparents, (Parents and Carers). Details about how to plan your event can be found on page 3
• To support your Grandparent Gardening Week activities. for the first 20 Food for Life enrolled schools in Leicestershire who set a date and send us details of their event, we will send them a £20 Organic Gardening Catalogue voucher. Contact Cate Dearn at cdearn@soilassociation.org for more information *
• We also have an opportunity to win a Veg Trug. See page 3 of the Digest and visit Grandparent Gardening Week on the Food for Life website, in addition we have
• A FREE PRIZE DRAW of an induction hob to any school enrolled during this term. See page 11,
• Free Maths or English Resource for outstanding blogs on Food for Life Activity. See page 10
• Free one to one support to achieve your next award, just contact us
• How to link to Fairtrade Fortnight to achieve your Award. See page 5
• Free training for enrolled schools across the county to embed cooking, growing and linking to farm based learning and support through Ideas Factories. See pages 8 and 9. Spaces are already filling up fast, book your place as soon as possible.
• Don’t forget to also look out for School Food Support Junior Masterchef competition, entries will be opening soon, ask your School Food Support service contact for more details, or contact 0116 305 5770, you can also visit www.schoolfoodsupportservice.co.uk

Download The Digest here and look out for hard copies which will be posted to all schools shortly.
* By applying for the Grandparent Gardening vouchers, you are agreeing for your school to be named in our pre-event press release about Grandparent Gardening Week. This may mean that the press contacts your school directly to speak to you about the event or to arrange a visit out to see you on the day. To apply for your £20.00 voucher e-mail Cate cdearn@soilassociation.org with details of your event.

 As always, we would love to hear from you, keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on.
Raksha Mistry, Leicestershire Programme Manager
E: rmistry@soilassociation.org M: 07980 225154, Twitter: @Raksha_Mistry

Cate Dearn, Leicestershire Programme Officer
E: cdearn@soilassociation.org M: 07467 959441, Twitter: @Cate_Dearn


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