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Emotional Health & Wellbeing Resources

Emotional Health & Wellbeing Resources


A public health approach to promoting young people’s resilience: a guide to resources for policy makers, commissioners, and service planners and providers
This resource from the Association for Young People’s Health (AYPH), funded by Public Health England, and developed with input from the Early Intervention Foundation, provides a new focus on public health approaches to supporting young people’s resilience. It highlights ways that services have successfully worked together, provides links to useful interventions and other resources, and draws on the perspectives of young people about what works well for them.


Social and emotional wellbeing for children and young people overview (NICE pathway)
Useful for all those with a role in promoting children’s wellbeing and social and emotional development, this pathway sets out the importance of children’s social, emotional and psychological wellbeing for their personal development and health in the early years and later in life. Includes recommendations to improve the social and emotional health of vulnerable under 5 year olds.


Ready to listen: why, when and how to involve young children and their families in local decisions about health and wellbeing

The National Children's Bureau has published a free resource to support discussion with children aged 0-7 and their parents/carers about health and wellbeing, and to facilitate their involvement in decision making about local health structures, systems and practice. It aims to enhance consideration of factors influencing, and ways of improving, young children’s health and wellbeing, keeping the bigger picture of their lives and own priorities in mind.



This is a new online resource for practical inspiration and encouragement aimed at child and adolescent mental health ward staff. The site's contents are informed by research into aspects of young people’s wellbeing and how wards can best provide and support these collaboratively. The site focuses on the key factors that make a positive difference to young inpatients, identifying small changes that have a significant impact.


MindEd for families

To complement the existing MindEd e-learning, MindEd for Families provides materials for parents and carers of children and teens struggling with mental health issues.


Looked after children’s health: key official guidance documents
This interactive tool allows you to easily access key official guidance documents (published by government or government sponsored agencies) relating to looked after children’s health from one place.



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