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About Healthy Schools

About Healthy Schools

The DfE recognises that “in order to help their pupils succeed; schools have a role to play in supporting them to be resilient and mentally and physically healthy”. Moreover schools have a duty to promote the wellbeing of students. Leicestershire Healthy Schools provides guidance to schools on the physical and emotional wellbeing of children and young people, recognising that a ‘healthy school’ plays an important role in helping children and young people reach their full potential. The programme supports the links between health, behaviour and attainment. The programme is about creating healthy and happy children and young people who, as a result, do better in learning and in life. It uses a ‘Whole School Approach’ to promoting health and wellbeing. You can download a briefing paper outlining the Benefits of being a ‘Healthy School’.

The AIMS of the Programme are:

  • To support children and young people in developing healthy behaviour
  • To help to raise pupil achievement
  • To help to reduce health inequalities
  • To help promote social inclusion

In Leicestershire we reached a landmark figure of having 278 out of 282 eligible schools achieving national healthy school status (NHSS) which means that over 98% of our schools have a foundation of health and wellbeing in place by having fulfilled the 41 criteria regarding the the core themes of personal social health education, healthy eating, physical activity and emotional health and wellbeing. This is an extraordinary achievement.  Healthy Schools is a voluntary programme and its local success is through the hard work and dedication of schools across the county.   The full list of schools can be downloaded here.
From April 2011 onwards national healthy school status (NHSS) will no longer be awarded although schools can still say that they are a healthy school and they can still use the healthy schools logo as long as they achieved NHSS prior to 28th March 2011.  To maintain Healthy School Accreditation schools must complete a whole school review every 2-3 years (see self-validation tab)
The Leicestershire Healthy Schools Programme is hosted by Leicestershire County Council’s Public Health Department. Public Health is committed to the Leicestershire Healthy Schools Programme - they see it as a means to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people.
The Leicestershire Healthy Schools Toolkit is designed to help schools ‘plan, do and review’ health and wellbeing improvements for children and young people in their schools (see the Enhancement tab)

How does it work?

The programme operates a whole school approach to education and health improvement in schools ensuring that the whole community is involved in the process.

Toolkit overview

The Leicesterhire Healthy Schools toolkit consists of:

  • Adaptable templates- whole school planning templates, planning templates, school story template
  • Information and frameworks: to help schools identify needs, define health and wellbeing outcomes, select activies/interventions and access school health profiles
  • School story examples- to show how other schools are making health and wellbeing improvements


Whole school review template overview

The whole school review template is a straightforward MS word document that schools can use to summarise their foundation for health & wellbeing provision. It can easily be adapted by schools, clusters and local areas according to local needs.
Any information you had input into the previous annual review will have been transferred into the new template and emailed to you by the national team by the end of March 2011.
We suggest that you complete/update the whole school review at least every 2 years. Local arrangements for quality assurance and recognition are in place. Completed whole school reviews can be sent for quality assurance to healthyschools@leics.gov.uk 


Planning Template Overview

The planning template can be used to record and monitor health & wellbeing improvement plans. We will continue to award local recognition to schools in recognition of their work on Health & Wellbeing priorities
Completed Planning Templates can be sent for quality assurance to healthyschools@leics.gov.uk

Local Support

Who can I contact for support with Healthy Schools?

All enquiries should be directed to Jane Roberts, Health & Wellbeing Manager jane.roberts@leics.gov.uk / healthyschools@leics.gov.uk 

What level of support can we expect?
  • We will continue to hold locality meetings and update the local Leicestershire Healthy Schools website and the Leicestershire Healthy Tots (Early Years) website www.leicestershirehealthytots.org.uk
  • We will continue to publish a newsletter to provide updates once a term
  • If schools work together as a cluster, we may be able to attend occassional cluster meetings
  • Local arrangements will be developed for quality assurance and recognition.


What impact does the programme have on schools?

Schools are faced with a wealth of demands, guidance, targets and directives. Healthy schools can help make sense of these and provide a framework for a co-ordinated and effective approach to the planning and delivery health and wellbeing improvement in schools.
Being a healthy school requires the support of the whole school community - pupils, staff, parents, governors, service providers and members of the wider community. Representatives of each group to form a health and wellbeing development group to coordinate and steer activities. This hopefully ensures that messages delivered in the curriculum are reinforced through opportunities and activities in schools and home.

What do participating schools say about the programme?

"Becoming a healthy school has meant fundamental changes for our school and it has changed the culture and atmosphere for the better. When you walk into the school you immediately pick up on the Healthy Schools ethos and the holistic approach to improving the physical, emotional and social health and well-being of our children. They are now making much better, more informed choices about food, exercise and friendships which is already having an impact on their ability to enjoy a healthy lifestyle."

"We had a lot of support from parents when we originally achieved Healthy Schools Status and with sustaining our healthy schools work. The school council has played an important role as well with children having a say in some of the key decisions. We are now working on our identified health and wellbeing priorities in a bit more depth and are hoping to achieve some meaningful outcomes that will have a real impact on the health and wellbeing of the children who attend our school ."




This section is aimed at giving parents more information around the healthy schools issues.

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In this section you will find example school policies, useful templates and copies of key national guidance.

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Training and Events

Training courses cover topics including PSHE Education, policy development and promoting healthy lifestyles.

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Self validation

In autumn 2006 the process of self validation was introduced to minimise bureaucracy.

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